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When a book is done, but not yet released is one of my favorite times. Woodbooger is off to the beta readers so I probably won’t touch it for a month. There is a sense of both anticipation and accomplishment. I’m really happy with this book. The beta readers will help fix the warts, but at it’s core, it’s a great story and I’m thrilled with the way it came together.

As the GP 2016 Cookbook process moves along, the process for my new fiction work, Woodbooger, is cranking along as well.

While that’s all grinding forward, the ebook version of my previous novel, Death from Above is free this week from Tuesday 8/9-Friday 8/12.

You can get it at

This will give you a chance to get caught up before the next book arrives. Also an updated cover is in the works that will debut with the new book.

Current Cover:


New Cover:




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