Microsoft Dynamics GP – Visual Cue for EFT Vendor on Edit Payment Batch – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

A new visual cue has been added to the Edit Payment Batch window to show if a Vendor is set up for EFT. This will be a huge time saver for those who have many Vendors and cannot remember which ones use EFT.
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New Release in October 2019 for Microsoft Dynamics GP – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

The newest version of Dynamics GP is out. Join us this week at GPUG Summit in Orlando to learn so much more!

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Microsoft Dynamics GP October 2019 Release – New Feature: Add Class ID to Fixed Assets Transfer Windows!!! – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

It’s always good when Microsoft listens.

You asked, and we listened! Thanks to high Partner/Customer demand, with this release of Microsoft Dynamics GP, users can now transfer the Class ID for one asset via the Asset Transfer window!!!!

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Dynamics GP – All rows mysteriously deleted from SOP Distribution Work\History (SOP10102) – The Dynamics Explorer

The Dynamics Explorer works through an interesting issue with missing distributions.

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#DynamicsGPOctober2019FeatureoftheDay – GL Journal Entry Enhancements – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

Even the Journal Entry Inquiry window gets improvements in the October 2019 release for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
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#DynamicsGPOctober2019FeatureoftheDay – Payroll Option to exclude Additional Withholding Amount – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

Every time I show off tips, someone asks about Payroll, well, here’s a payroll improvement in the October 2019 release of Dynamics GP, when you build the check file, you have the option to include or exclude the additional withholding for Federal.
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Microsoft Dynamics GP – Fiscal Period window size modification – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

Part of improving a product is fixing the little things. The newest version of GP expands the Fiscal Period window size to show a full year. Yep, it’s the little things.
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Microsoft Dynamics GP – Long Description Field on Payables Transaction Entry – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

The GP October 2019 release gets and additional long description field in Payables Transaction Entry. One note, this doesn’t make the regular description longer. It’s a brand new field so you may need to add it to some of your custom reports. More details at the link.

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#DynamicsGPOctober2019FeatureoftheDay – Copy Report Options – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

The October 2019 release of GP gets a copy report option. Find out more at the link.

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