Bob’s BloGPipes – GPUG Summit track expansion is Phabulous

What time is it? It’s get-off your butt time. Early bird registration for Summit ends on June 28, that’s around the corner, but still in time to make the next check run, if you hurry…so hurry already.

Bob McAdam has lots more about what’s going on at Summit, early bird registration, and all the important links. I’ll be there and it will be a blast.


Historical Excel Reporting for Dynamics GP Updated to Version 1.3

Historical Excel Reporting for Dynamics GP has been updated to version 1.3. There are some cosmetic improvements, but the biggest changes are improvements on the AR side. Previously AR aging only displayed buckets that contained amounts. Now, all aging buckets will show, whether they have amounts or not. This is consistent with the way that AP works in Historical Excel Reporting and with the way that GP displays AR aging. These updates were made for both the regular and the MEM versions of the tool.

For more information, make sure to check out the Historical Excel Reporting for Dynamics GP page.