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With GP 2013 R2, Microsoft has completely reworked the document attachment functionality and christened it Doc Attach 2.0. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Attachments have moved from a link to a file to being stored in a database.
  • Some windows have dedicated attachment buttons but the old style paperclip now uses Doc Attach 2.0 as well.


  • If you are a heavy user of the existing attachment functionality there is a utility to help move those items into the database for use with Doc Attach 2.0.

Here a quick example using a payables transaction:

  • Open Payables Transaction Entry
  • Click the yellow notes icon next to the voucher number
  • Click the paper clip icon to open the Document Attach Management window


  • To scan a document, click the Scan button
  • To attach an existing document, click Attach and use typical navigation to pick a file.
  • Repeat to attach multiple files.
  • Click OK to finish

You can add a description to clarify any attachments. Deleting an attachment also adds a notation in the deleted tab for audit purposes.


Doc Attach 2.0 doesn’t have the full functionality of some of the 3rd party document management systems, but it’s designed to be easy to use and it succeeds in that job. For me this is a huge step up. Over at MSDynamicsWorld.com I have more about why I think storing attachments in the database is the right approach.


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