Weekly Dynamic: Resetting the ‘sa’ password

What do you do when no one has the ‘sa’ password for SQL and none of the typical network users will let you reset the ‘sa’ password? I ran into this recently with a new client. Their previous VAR had managed SQL for them and had never given them the ‘sa’ password. On top of that they had locked out other network users and refused to give the new CTO the ‘sa’ password. If you have access to the SQL Server and if you have a login that is a local administrator on the SQL box, you can work around this. I used the instructions from Tim Radney at http://timradney.com/2013/11/21/how-to-reset-the-sa-password-in-sql-server/ to successfully change the ‘sa’ password and recover access to the SQL Server. It worked out well for us and for them since the SQL Server hadn’t been backed up since 2012. I didn’t leave until we had a good backup and recurring backup set in a maintenance plan.

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