Friday Fun Quotes – Donner Party

I stumbled across something I’d written a long time ago and never published. I think it’s funny enough to warrant a short series of Friday Fun posts. In this world of fake news, I’ve realized that many famous quotes are actually incorrect. I’ve corrected these quotes to properly reflect Dynamics GP or it’s predecessor Great Plains.

Since these incorrect quotes have been repeated enough that everyone believes them, this series will probably offend somebody. That’s fine, just keep it to yourself and be offended quietly. Also, consider these quotes copyrighted, since I made dug them up. If you want them on a t-shirt, mug, or something else, that’s an option for some of the quotes. Check out the store. 

For this quote, we go deeper into U.S. history. Feel free to look this up in Wikipedia if you’re lost:

”If we had managed our inventory with Microsoft Dynamics GP we wouldn’t have run out of supplies” – The Donner Party


Yep, I went there. Sometimes you have to go dark to make your point.


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