Help me vote for Debits on the left!

Since SmartList exports to Excel were introduced, we’ve had Credits come before Debits in our exported files. This problem carried over into refreshable Excel reports. It’s less of an operational issue, most folks are doing additional formatting anyway. It’s primarily a credibility issue. Debits go to the left of credits and it’s time to get that fixed. I’ve talked to folks at MS and they are open to getting this changed, but I need your help. Please go to MS Connect and vote for this item:

GP – Get debits and credits in right columns | Microsoft Connect.

There are 44 up votes as I write this. I want to push it above a hundred to really make a point about how important this is to us. Please vote. Get your office to vote. Get your clients to vote. I think it’s time to fix this once and for all and move on to other things in GP.


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