Holiday Gift Ideas

This month’s Journal of Accountancy has a fun holiday gift guide for accountants so I thought I would link to it and provide a few of my own gift recommendations.

This Tao Tronics Bluetooth headset is a great set of Bluetooth headphones at a really nice price. They are available for about $25 on Amazon. I like mine so much that I’ve got 2 pairs. They fit much better in my ears than the Beats I own, at a way lower price. These are perfect for shutting out the world and getting work done.

I’m a big fan of this MPOW charging case. Plug in your Bluetooth headset, drop it in the pouch and charge your headset in your pocket. Even better, the headset will charge, even when the pouch is plugged in and recharging. This is a steal for less than $15 on Amazon.

Google WiFi has transformed my home network. I have an older, concrete-bunker of a house with WiFi dead zones at each end. Google WiFi wiped out those dead zones. My SmartTV’s no longer buffer, the kids don’t complain about Xbox bandwidth, and I’ve got range well into the backyard. For $269, it’s not the cheapest, but it’s cheaper than many competing products, and how do you place a value on stopping the whining?

You know how cool you are, make sure everyone else knows by making them watch The Accountant. Yeah, that’s what you do for a living. Grab this on DVD or one of the streaming services.

Sometimes you just need to get a message across. Use a mug.

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