Making FRx work with unsupported versions of Dynamics

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Leslie Vail looks at Making FRx work with unsupported versions of Dynamics

I’m not a fan of keeping FRx up and running. I just find it difficult to justify using a tool that is unsupported and retired as the primary financial reporting mechanism. It’s not like there aren’t better tools available or that they are particularly expensive. Jet Reports, deFacto, and many others offer a full range of reporting tools tools for GP priced from free on up.

For reference, FRx 6.7, the last major version, was released in 2004. The last service pack, service pack 12 was released in 2011. If SP 12 were a person it would start second grade in the fall and RTM would be a high school freshman. Hang to FRx a little longer and it will be able to drive itself to work.

Seriously, if you are still using FRx, it’s time to update your financial reporting software.

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  1. Seriously, and I mean it… if there are people still prefer FRx, there must be valid reasons that Microsoft should consider about it…. but will they?

  2. Tell that to your clients who refuse to stop using it! Especially those on very limited budgets who do not have a domain. Many came from the days of GPA for DOS. FRx was a rock solid product that worked fine for decades. As the old saying goes “If it is not broken, don’t fix it!”

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