GP on a VPC

Curt, a moderator over at Mark Minasi’s Reader Forum has a post on how he used GP in a Virtual PC to create an identical test environment of an existing GP server. The post is a bit technical but for the Admin’s among the group, it’s another test server option for you.

Killer SQL/GP Resource

If you work with SQL in GP you owe to yourself to visit the site. Steve Gray of continues to put out great, useful SQL scripts for GP. Recent items included T-SQL code to create an audit table and trigger, info on renaming a SQL server, sending query results to text files and outputting all of the Stored Procs, Triggers and Functions to a text file for easy searching when something has gone wrong. It’s important to note that Steve does a ton of work with GP so the scripts here are often GP focused, not just generic SQL stuff. Anybody who names a post “SOP10200 Fields” has a clue about GP.
Steve is the guy who helped me pull together all the scripts we use for daily balancing. In addition to being a SQL witch he’s a genuinely nice guy who giving back some great info to the GP community.

Dynamics Finance Forums

The new Finance Forums for the Microsoft Dynamics line are up and running in beta. There are definitely still some rough spots and it certainly seems geared toward Accounting and Finance types more than product adminsitrators.

The articles and expert columns look pretty good and I’ve asked for to be included in the blogs. RSS and subscription support is there but parts are still not real clean. (For example: Forums->Forum Subscriptions lets you check a box to subscribe, but it doesn’t say what you are subscribing too, RSS, email, etc. and nothing else seems to happen.)

Too many of the early posts are from folks advertising software. We love you guys, we know you need to make a living and we’re impressed with you’re ability to find new ways to reach us but if all new people see are ads, they won’t stay very long. So, if you want this to be a resource in the future, go post!

Weekly Dynamic: Budget vs. Actual on Steroids

Dynamics GP does a pretty good job of getting you Budget vs. Actual info for a single account or via a report, for a complete range of accounts. But what if you want an uneven range? What if you don’t want the hassle of running a report every time you want to see Revenue vs. Budget for a range of revenue accounts? Surely don’t want to take the time to run an FRx report just for that!
If that’s the case, it’s Account Rollup to the rescue. In Account Rollup you can specify that you want 2 columns. That one column should be Actual and another Budget. When you select a budget column, you also select which budget you want to use.
From there, simply select the accounts you want using any of your segments or segment value combinations. Revenue for one account across all segments? no problem. Revenue for one segment across all natural accounts? sure.
To be clear, you can compare multiple budgets, perform calculations, compare to last year, etc. I continue to be amazed at both the uses for Account Rollup and the number of people who don’t know it’s in the product. For more info, there’s also my original post on using Account Rollup.

Site Maintenance will be down some this weekend. (3/24/-3/25/07).  I’m moving and the server is moving with me.

Between a new (and better) role at work, Convergence 2007 and our house move, well, I’m a little tired and the site hasn’t gotten quite as much love as I would like it to. You’ll see more videos, more podcasts, more tips and more of everything in about a week.

Satya Up, Tami Reller In

Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Satya Nadella has been picked to run Microsoft’s search effort. This moves him up and out of the Dynamics world. For now at least, Tami Reller gets Satya’s job.
My first thought when I saw this was “What the…” but this is a family friendly blog so I won’t finish that.
What does it mean? Who knows. I guess I Balmer’s expression of confidence in Satya at the Convergence keynote was a little inside joke. There was certainly no scuttlebutt about this a week ago.
Tami’s been around a long time, coming to MS as the CFO of Great Plains during the MS acquisition in 2000. She knows the history and the company. I’m sure she’ll do fine whether the role is temporary or permanent.
Satya didn’t even get a chance to really get his feet wet with Doug’s departure. We’ve felt Satya’s influence a lot in the products but I was interested to see what he would do at the helm.
Here’s my big concern. MBS’ CustomerSource/Partnersource search is terrible. Frankly, it sucks. I’ve blogged about it repeatedly. I’ve offered to help kidnap some folks from the Windows Live team, take them to Fargo and tell them they can’t leave until they fix it.  I’ve suggested the GP team put in a Google box to make a point to management. No luck so far. The GP team is way too addicted to food, clothing and shelter in my opinion.
So with Satya moving to search, will the good parts of Windows Live Search filter back to the Dynamics group or will the bad apple (pardon the pun) of Dynamics search further poison the Windows Live Search experience?
Update: eweek has the story now as well with more background.