GP 10 Disks – A Friday Surprise

My GP 10 disks arrived today. I know what you’re thinking, I’m going to spend the weekend installing them to play with v.10. Yeah, no. I’m going to spend my weekend working on my other house that won’t sell in the worst real estate market here since a guy named Carter was president.
I WISH I could play with GP 10 this weekend. Once I get it up I’ll pass along my impressions. Meanwhile, take a look at the GPUG post for some early info from other users.

Weekly Dynamic: Consumables in Inventory

Frank Hamelly of Nova Solutions, LLC brings us this week’s Weekly Dynamic from the GP Newsgroup.
Often companies (like mine) have consumable items that are really too small to track via inventory but may be bought in bulk via a P.O. and issued centrally. We do this with things like bubble wrap, shipping tape, solvents, printer cartridges, etc.
One option to deal with consumable items that you want to flow through inventory is to setup a “Consumables” P&L account as the Inventory account for these items. When the items are issued to a department, they get expensed to the requesting department as the Inventory Offset account.
This charges out consumables to the correct department but ensures that any leftover items are still expensed at month end as general consumables.
Thanks Frank for the tip. Sorry there’s no link, I couldn’t find the Nova Solutions, LLC website.


The Central Florida Dynamics GP User Group meeting was in Orlando today. The good folks at AirTran were kind enough to host the event and they did a fabulous job. I have to say, the tour was very cool! Thanks Kim!

The Dynamics GP Users Group is an organization designed around bringing users together to help learn from each other. Yes, they let in resellers, we can learn from them to, but resellers are not the key, users are. GPUG also functions as a lens to give focus to Microsoft on customer issues. My little voice crying in the wilderness can only go so far but a couple hundred customers makes some real noise. GPUG is one of those megaphones to Microsoft.

The central Florida group is small but growing and includes some very talented folks. They are willing to let me join, though, so I worry about their standards. They’ll need a lot more talented folks to make up for letting me in. 😉


We had some productive discussions today. A few things that stuck out are:

  • Excel still rules as a budget tool despite auditor and vendor pushes. Tools like Forecaster and Budget Maestro offer better control but lack the simple familiarity of a spreadsheet. One member mentioned that they are going back to Excel and I’ve been considering it.
  • There is an inconsistent issue with GP10 upgrades. Security is not migrating to the new security model and security is in fact being wiped clean. For one reseller they are batting 0 for 3 on security migration for GP 10 upgrades. I know what you’re thinking, that’s very consistent but MS insists that it’s not happening with all upgrades, there’s just no pattern yet. If you are going to GP 10 soon, test the heck out of the upgrade.
  • Upgrades aside, GP 10 rocks. There’s a learning curve from 9.0 but on the whole, it will be worth it. Just don’t do it yet if have many users or complex security.
  • LOTS more people are heavily using integration manager than I realized. Nobody’s ever written an IM book. Every time I think about doing it realize how much work it would really be and then the desire passes. Maybe I need to revisit that or release pieces as a serial rather than a book.
  • Resellers again confirmed that support for version 8 is being extended to October 2009. That’s enough for me. I don’t know when we’ll see official confirmation but this one is real in my mind.

Oh, there was a lot more, but well, you missed it. You had to be there. Too bad!

If want to join the conversation for help, advice, ideas or just because you have an opinion, give the GPUG folks a shout or attend the GPUG summit in Redmond in September. You don’t have to be in central Florida, groups are springing up all over.

Update: The GPUG Summit will be providing CPE credits for those who attend. This is always a subject close to my heart and my wallet.

Extreme Dynamics Makeover now has a new look!
As we approach the second anniversary of, I’ve taken a hard look at my goals for this site and what is and isn’t working. Consequently I’ve decided to move the site off of a local server and back to Blogger for most of the elements. The podcast and videos will continue with both restarting shortly. Hopefully this will give me more time to focus on content and less time on site maintenance.
In the process, the site has gotten a much needed make over. Previously, access to some items required registration. This selfishly let me see where many of you were coming from. It was fun to see all the folks from Cairo who registered. Who knew!
But I know from comments in the newsgroup, some people were leery about registering due to a fear of spam. Well, I committed not to spam folks and I’ve kept that commitment. Now it’s time to open everything up to everyone and I’ll rely on Google Analytics to see where everyone is visiting from.
For those of you who registered previously, you have my undying appreciation. Once the migration is complete your data will be deleted so that you don’t have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands.
If you don’t see any changes yet, it’s because the domain location change is still migrating through the Internet’s DNS servers. Don’t worry, you’ll see it soon.
The good news is that you don’t have to change anything. All the RSS feeds will continue to work and all the domain names stay the same and you can keep visiting for everything GP.

Support for GP 8 Ends Oct. 9 – Or Does It?

This is just a friendly reminder because some of you out there are not paying attention.
Support for GP 8 ends on 10/9/2007. MS only supports 2 versions of GP at a time and now that 10 has been released, 8 will fade off into the sunset. Where are my v10 CD’s anyway?
Sorry for the shouting but when 9.0 was released quite a few 7.5 people were caught with their pants down. This means you won’t get payroll tax updates beyond this point. The clock is ticking, you have been warned.
Update: An anonymous reader has left comment on this post that MS is extending support for v 8.0 to October 13, 2009. Fake Steve Balmer didn’t mention it when we had fake lunch last week, but it certainly is possible. Neither Customersource nor Google have any information yet but as soon as I know for sure, I’ll post an update. For now I’m just spreading basely rumors.
Perhaps MS has finally finished that Windows time machine and even though support really ends in 2007, they’ll bring you back in time for the next two years of support!
Update: The US Dynamics GP Field Team Blog is also reporting that support for v.8 is extended to Oct. 13, 2009. The link they include is for Partnersource and I can’t get at it. Customersource is still showing 2007 very prominently. Any partners want to confirm this for me?
Update: Partners are chiming in that this is for real and GP will announce that they are extending support for version 8 for two more years. Yahoo! Still no official announcement on CustomerSource.

ISV Central for Dynamics GP

ISV Central contacted me the other day. They are trying to build a master repository of GP add-ons. I was a really reluctant to post this because frankly, the contact email was too heavy on the sales side. It rubbed me the wrong way.
Then I got over it. You are all big boys and girls and you have people trying to sell you stuff all the time. You deserve to know about sites like this to be able to make smart decisions.

Virgin America and Dynamics GP

The Wall Street Journal says that Richard Branson’s new low cost, US, airline, Virgin America, is using Dynamics GP as a cheaper alternative to Oracle saving them $1.5 to $2.5 million.
It appears that this article is available to everyone so read the whole thing.

It’s All About the SharePoint…Stupid

Pardon my paraphrasing of Bill Clinton’s “It’s all about the economy stupid” remark from a past presidential campaign, but it seems appropriate. Redmond Channel Partners takes a look at the new GP and SL and concludes that the connections to SharePoint are critical for partners. I say it’s critical for anyone using GP into the future as I mentioned in this post  and this post way back in March.
 Stupid is a strong word but it’s how I feel about the fact that I’m not far enough down the SharePoint road myself. I think the long time lag from 10.0 to the next version is necessary. This is a big step for a lot of folks, akin to the move from Pervasive to SQL Server. SharePoint integration should add tremendous capability but it will add complexity to the whole solution.
Heck even the diagrams explaining it are complex!