Burgum out, Nadella In

Via Mary Jo Foley at  Microsoft Watch , Microsoft has concluded their search to replace Doug Burgum as the head of MBS (is it still technically MBS?) and selected Satya Nadella, currently the corporate VP of MBS.
This isn’t a huge surprise given how long they’ve been looking without coming up with anyone. Remember, they started this search in November of 2005.
Doug’s not going away, he remains in the new chairman role and Satya doesn’t officially move up until 6/30/07.
My initial post on Doug leaving was here. I’ve softened a bit on Burgum after his last Convergence keynote but I still think a change is needed.
So what about Nadella? I like what little I’ve seen. He gets blogs, sort of. He has one at http://blogs.msdn.com/satyanadella/ but his posts are pretty infrequent. You’ll see more as Convergence approaches next year. Perhaps we’ll get more blogging out of the GP team as things move forward. In the mean time, congratulations Satya!

Happy Birthday!

DynamicAccounting.net is one year old today. It’s come a long way in a year. There’s a boat load of tips in the Weekly Dynamics area, a fair number of downloads and we’re now up to six videos in our Dynamic Sherpa series of 5 minute training videos. We have registered users in 18 countries on 6 of the 7 continents.
 We’ve also had some bumps in the road. At one point I tried to do too much with the tips and couldn’t keep up. There’s also been a few server issues along the way but those seemed to be ironed out for now.
So what’s coming in year 2? Now that the Videocasts and Weekly Dynamics are pretty consistent, a monthly podcast is next. I’m looking to interview various people involved with Dynamics GP, VARs, Customers, ISVs and Microsofties to get their take on GP and insights on how they use the software. Hopefully, I can do some podcasting interviews from Convergence in 2007.
Also, we’ve expanded our partnership with DynamicsCareers.com and we should have job listings on the site in the near future. Knowledge of Dynamics GP is a skill that is in demand (I know, I just had to hire someone!) and we want to give folks a place to leverage that knowledge if they are ready for a new opportunity.
The 2nd service pack for GP 9 is due in the October timeframe and version 10 is due after the first of the year, around the time Vista ships. We’ll have coverage of both of those items for you and some new downloads to help you manage GP.
On the more exotic front, I’m looking at ways to pool GP information even more than we have now. Perhaps this will be a Wiki, a script repository, who knows? It’s still up in the air and a ways out.
Thank you to everyone who has visited the site, downloaded a file, downloaded a video or subscribed to the blog. Your participation and the chance to maybe help is what makes me want to do this. I also have a special thank you to everyone who registered on the site. Your registrations really illustrate the growth over the last year.
And now, on to the new!

Contest Reminder

I just want to remind everyone that our contest ends at midnight ET, tomorrow, September 12, 2006. If you are already a registered user of DynamicAccounting.net, you’re already entered to win a $25 Amazon gift certificate. If not, you can enter by registering using the link in the upper right at DynamicAccounting.net.
Remember, we won’t ever transfer your information to a 3rd party and we won’t bombard you with email. So far, we’re at zero emails sent to registered users. If we ever start an email newsletter, we’ll use a separate sign up for that. If you want emails from us, sign up to get the blog posting via email!
Good luck to everyone on the contest!

Weekly Dynamic: The Dynamics SET File

Dynamics GP uses a configuration file with the extension SET to identify which products are installed and where their dictionary files are located. The file is dynamics.set and by default it is in c:program filesmicrosoft dynamicsgp. Generally, changes are made to this file by an administrator when they want to point users to a centralized forms or reports dictionary for an application like main GP app or a 3rd party.
If you are able to get into GP, you can modify the Set file from Tools-Setup-System-Edit Launch file. Occasionally though, an errant install can damage the file and you have to make changes using a text editor like notepad so that you can even enter GP. For this Weekly Dynamics, I’ve got pictures of both the GP interface and the Set file with notes and a description of what the various items do.
Here is the GP interface:

And a partial set file:

For an additional 10 pages of mind numbing detail on the set file, visit chapter 11 of the Administrator’s Guide at Help-Printable Manuals-System-Administrator’s Guide from within Dynamics GP.

Ernesto May Drown DynamicAccounting.net

The server for DynamicAccounting.net is in the middle of the cone for Tropical Storm Ernesto and power tends to be unreliable for us during storms like this, so if DynamicAccounting.net is down on Wednesday, you can always check the dedicated blog site at msdynamicsgp.blogspot.com for updates. We don’t expect many problems but I did lose a server in Hurricane Charlie in 2004 and part of a roof in Hurricane Jeanne the same year. I’m better prepared now!

Weekly Dynamic: Long Account Number Pitfalls

I’ve gotten questions from people over the years about long account numbers/lots of segments, so I thought I would put together a short list of the pitfalls of very large account numbers.
The longest GL account number I’ve worked with in GP is 27 digits, 8 segments. This is different from the account framework which may be large to accomodate changes but most companies have a much smaller chart of accounts.
When you have an account number of that size, some of the pitfalls in GP are:
1) You have to activate horizontal scroll bars in User Preferences and you end up scrolling left an right to see the entire account.
2) Many of GP’s default reports aren’t setup for accounts of that size and you’ll need to modify posting reports for all modules and GL related reports.
3) You’ll do a lot of resizing in Smartlists just to fit what you want on the screen.
4) You shouldn’t see too many performance issues in GP but you may see serious slowdowns in FRx. This is especially true when using trees or reports with heavy account detail. Enterprise Reporting deals with large accounts and large datasets better, but the features are not identical between the two products.
5) Users will do a lot more searching on segments other than account number. Make sure you’ve got the other segments setup to be searchable in the account framework.

Video Problem

There is a problem with the Dynamic Sherpa video for settting up an ODBC connection for GP. Somewhere along the way, the video went completely blank, despite working fine in testing. I’ll get a replacement out today or tomorrow.

July Knowledge Base Articles

The compiled list of new GP Knowledge Base articles for July are now available here on CustomerSource.
Manufacturing and Purchasing (PO) related articles lead the Hotfix section, while Business Portal and System Manager seem to have the most new articles in the How To area. System Manager? Must be all that new stuff in 9.0.