GP9 Inventory

There are some nice things in GP9 and 10 coming for inventory. Stock Counts seem to be unchanged but there is better visibility around Cost Adjustments. 2 stage transfers are available now with field service but may be in the core for v10.

Some of the holes from previous versions have also been filled in. Cost adjustments GL’s can are now created automatically instead of just getting a recommendation to key an entry.

Hey, that’s Bill Gates!

For those not paying attention previously, I’m at Covergence, Microsoft’s ERP and CRM annual conference. Bill Gates just finished his keynote. I didn’t live blog the keynote because my seat was too tight to pull out the laptop.

Other people will cover the specifics, you should be able to get the whole speech off the web. I wanted to give a few impressions. I’ve never seen Bill live, but I’ve heard him speak remotely so I had an idea what to expect. He was pretty heavily scripted but some of the new devices he showed off really got oohs and aahs from the crowd. Things like a touchscreen big screen with web parts, huge, very cool, desktop monitors and a table that functions as an extened screen and interface for a mobile device. Toys create buzz, even for accountants.

We did see that some of the desktop parts coming to Windows Vista will include financial parts tied to Dynamics. So you can have maybe, sales data, live on your destop in a little window without having Dynamics running.

I hoping for a little more of the real Bill during the Q&A. We got a little and it was bit odd. He talked about his daughter’s desire for a bunny and how they used the web to steer her away from a bunny and to a better “Pet Experience”. I’m not sure if he was trying to be funny but but it freaked out a few people near me. Kids have pets, not “Pet Experiences”. Parents have “Pet Experiences” when the dog throws up on the bed but I don’t think that’s what Bill was going for. It did come out in some other anecdotes, that his kids humble him. Kids seem to have that effect, as do pets.

All in all I think we got a speech in the new trend of talking to a broader audience not just the one in front of you.

Upgrading to GP 9.0

Warning: This was a nitty gritty session. Excutives and Salespeople need not apply! The Upgrading to GP 9 session was very good. Down and dirty. Not exciting, but clear and concise. The Q&A afterward was great. Here’s some key things I learned:

1) The first service pack is due end of April. Partners should be looking for a wave upgrades after that.
2) Macros and Integrations may not update. Test those heavily!
3) The “push” installer will only install GP apps at this time, not 3rd parties or customizations unless 3rd parties are also using the msi installer. This is version 1 of the new install/update process. Expect this to be refined improved over time.
4) The install will automatically set the recovery model to simple as part of the install.
5) FRx 6.7 is the latest, you should be fine.
6) 7.5 won’t run on SQL 2k5 so you should update GP first then update the database if you are doing both.
7) If you are going from 8.0, there wasn’t a straight answer but it seemed to be up to you as long as you are on the SP that allows 8.0 to support SQL 2k5

SQL Reporting Services Full

The SQL Reporting Services session was full. I was late and the room may have been too small, but it’s good for Microsoft’s Business Intelligence push that so many people are interested. The theater has a good number of people learning about updating to 9.0. This also good, considering that the theater is most of the way to Oklahoma!

Shout Out to Some Old Friends

I’ve got some old friends here at Convergence that I haven’t said Hi to yet on the blog, so this is a shameless plug.

The folks from Haas Outdoor and Mossy Oak are here and their just a great bunch of people. If you’re into all things camo or if you just have a daughter starting to date and want some gear to hide in the bushes with, these are the people for you. Their tackling CRM to add to their GP install so they’ve got a full plate at Convergence. Say hi, if you see them.

Michael Johnson from Gibson Guitars is here. He’s a really bright guy who manages to be nice at the same time. If you play, find Michael. He can tell you how a guitar makes it’s way through GP.

Bob McAdam is here from I’ve seen him from across the room but I haven’t hunted him down yet. If you see Bob, tell him I owe him a drink.

Huh, that’s a weird dynamic, (no pun intended). Hunting gear, trucks and guitars. Theirs a country song in here somewhere.

One more. Davis Sooknanan is here from Road Town Wholesale in the British Virgin Islands. If you sail, you know the British Virgin Islands. If you eat while you sail, you should know Road Town Wholesale.

All these folks are great people and people I call friends. Friends who don’t write or call enough but don’t ask for money! If all about community and people, here’s a few good ones to say hi to.

Sunday Lunch

I had lunch with a few customers who are old friends, a partner, a customer who used to be a partner. I’m disguising the names so nobody hits me over the head later. A comment in the general session about shrinking software margins struck a nerve with partners and former partners alike. Improved installation of GP and easier customization via Extender also has the potential to cut into partner margins. Microsoft has a delicate balancing act going on here. Lots of people have built their businesses on MS and partners are still smarting from the failed MS-Siebel collaboration from several years ago. MS CRM 3.0 may finally be the product to get partners past this open wound but MS needs to be careful not to open any new wounds.

SQL Server 2005

I’m in the What’s New In SQL Server 2005 session, since I was at one of the regional launch events, not much is new for me, buuut, it’s a nice refresher. I’m an accountant so I have to work to scrape up the time to play with SQL 2005 and my time has been kind of limited. But I have played with it and I like what I see. I really like the new Reporting Services features geared toward power users. Microsoft often focuses on developers to the detriment of power users and this brings power users back into the fold.

GP9 Overview

Based on the GP 9 overview, these are the compelling reasons for US to upgrade from 8.0 to 9.0:

  • Available enhanced Audit Trails (extra cost)
  • Available electronic sign off (extra cost)
  • New Payables check batch window and streamlined payables processing (free)
  • Home page, connection to Outlook is nice.
  • Installation improvements
  • Mass deployment (Outlook, SMS, or Group Policy)
  • New set up checklist
  • New GP webservice for Integration (Developer Toolkit)

Some other things I like but which don’t specifically apply to TransitTV are:

  • Extender (Extra cost)

Your mileage may vary. I’ve talked to a number of people on 7.5 and an upgrade to 9.0 will give them a lot of 8.0’s benefits as well ,such as undoing JE’s.
The Developer Toolkit for GP is a great idea. The ability to use VS2005 to extend GP and avoid Dexterity has the ability to be huge. Anything that opens up GP to more developers is a good thing.

Live Blogging Jeff Raikes

Doug Burgum introduced Jeff Raikes and managed to stay nicely on point without drifing off into Marco Polo stories. Nice job Doug.

Jeff is continuing the People Ready theme that Microsoft articulated last week. One irony, in his New World of Work section, Jeff mentions three core points,

  • One World of Business,
  • Transparency and
  • Always On, Always Connected.

Well, in the interest of Transparency, there’s no WiFi in the keynot hall, so there’s no Always On, Always Connected. OUCH! The devil really is in the details.
Jeff however is doing a good job of articulating how all the different pieces inter-connect to automate processes. Something that I think on a lot of people’s minds. We’re really starting to see how all of these pieces tie together tightly with Office/SQL Server and Sharepoint.

As I look at our organization and talk to people in other companies, it seems that many companies are now over the core implementation hump and are looking a new extensions – BI, reporting, CRM, etc. It feels like Jeff is on target with customers.

15 Seconds of Fame

Hey, I won a High Sierra computer bag for being the first customer blogger! Hmm… write a few words, win a prize, pretty cool. I also filled out an eval from yesterday and won a t-shirt. I guess I’ve gotten my 15 seconds of fame. (In Andy Warhol’s world everyone got 15 minutes of fame. But this is the internet world so I’m down to 15 seconds!)