Quick Journals

Jen Kuntz looks at Quick Journals. My attitude has changed toward Quick Journals. I used to like them, and I used them as a controller, but they are clunky to set up and use and two other features are now better options. Recurring batches are easier to use, setup, and change than Quick Journals. They also allow batch approvals, which Quick Journals do not. The other feature that dips into Quick Journal territory is Copy/Paste from Excel. 

Copy/Paste from Excel lets users maintain their recurring entries in Excel and simply paste in the current month’s numbers. Since this is done via a Journal Entry there are fewer entry points to manage. Also, preparation of the numbers on the Excel sheet can be separated from the user who actually does the entry. 

Quick Journals work fine, I just think that Recurring Batches and Copy/Paste from Excel have made the feature redundant. 


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