The Stupidly Simple Productivity Hack Hiding In Microsoft Word | Fast Company | The Future Of Business

Trying to figure out how I missed this in previous versions of Word, but so far I really like it.

The Stupidly Simple Productivity Hack Hiding In Microsoft Word | Fast Company | The Future Of Business

New NetSuite Book!

NetSuite Security and Audit Field Manual Cover

The NetSuite Security and Audit Field Manual is my latest non-fiction book. It was due to be released on 2/15/17, but books are sneaky, and this one slipped out in the middle of the night. Don’t worry, it showed up on Amazon a few days early.

For many companies, NetSuite is the core of their financial management system, and protecting against fraud, misstatements, and errors is a critical component of running NetSuite. Sometimes though, it’s hard to know where to start.

This is a book about NetSuite security written to help users, administrators, and auditors better understand how to plan, implement, and audit NetSuite security. Security books tend to be heavy on theory or application, rarely including both. The NetSuite Security and Auditing Field Manual is designed to help users understand sound control principles and how to apply them in NetSuite.

For this book I collaborated with Andy Snook and Zach Wear to create something unique. The NetSuite Security and Audit Field Manual has an old, army field manual or camping guide theme, and it’s sized to make it easy to carry around and refer to. One of the challenges of any NetSuite book is that NetSuite releases two updates a year, making it important that books don’t fall behind. We’re committed to keeping the book updated as new updates are released.

Various folks at NetSuite have been extremely supportive of this project and we very grateful for their help. The NetSuite Security and Audit Field Manual is available in paperback and ebook formats at We’ve also got a book page up on the Fastpath site, so be sure to check that out.

For my Dynamics GP friends who are quietly freaking out that I wrote a NetSuite book…relax…a new GP book is in the works.

Death from Above on

Death from Above is featured on today. Make sure to check out their site at You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter as It’s great source for free and discounted ebooks and this week it includes, Death from Above.


Free Death from Above Book 2/6/17-2/10/17

My first novel, Death from Above, is being featured in the ManyBooks newsletter and Facebook site on Tuesday, 2/7/17. Death from Above is free on Kindle from Monday 2/6/17- Friday, 2/10/17. If you haven’t read it, don’t miss this chance to get it for free. If you have read it, help me out and tell a friend to grab a free copy or pickup my second novel Woodbooger for a mere 2.99.

Woodbooger launches October 15

My second novel, Woodbooger, officially launches Wednesday 10/15/16. That’s when the Kindle preorders will drop. Huge thank you to everyone involved. I’m really happy with this book and and I think you will be too.

You can get it on Amazon in Kindle or physical book format via this link:


Don’t go into the woods…

The forests of southwestern Virginia are Woodbooger country, home to Virginia’s legendary bigfoot creature. When a U.S. senator is found dead near his cabin, the only clue is a large humanoid footprint left next to the body.

Homeland Security Special Agent Lizard Wong is tasked with finding the killer, man or beast, and removing it as a national security threat.

As the body count rises, and a parallel FBI investigation stalls, the country suddenly views Bigfoot as a serial killer. It’s up to Lizard, and her local guide Heather, to solve the senator’s murder and stop the killings.