A Star Wars inspired tribute to Calvin and Hobbes.

Kudos to Brian Kesinger for his Star Wars inspired tributes to Calvin and Hobbes.

Death from Above free on Kindle 10/14/15-10/16/15

I’m at the GPUG Summit this week and as a thank you to all of those folks I’m making the Kindle edition of Death from Above free Wednesday through Friday, 10/14/15-10/16/15. It’s not just free for GPUG Summit attendees, it’s free for everyone so pick up your copy this week!

Death From Above in KDP Select

I’ve enrolled Death from Above in KDP Select. To do this, I had to remove the ebook from all of the other electronic platforms. Almost all of my sales have been on Amazon so that’s not a big deal at this point and I’ll reevaluate in 90 days, but it does give me some additional promotion options.

In truth, the book is getting great reviews, but it needs more exposure and going wide wasn’t getting it done, so I though I would see how well going exclusive can work.

If you’re a Kindle Unlimited member, you can now read Death From Above for free. If you have a Kindle device you can borrow it for free too.

Where is Word Count in MS Word for iPhone?

If you’re in a hurry, Hit the Font/Setting icon (an A with a pencil), tap Home and select Review. Word Count is under review.


I’ve hit the point with Lizard Wong book 2 that I want more writing time. One way to get that is to be able to write on the go. In this mode I tend to write anywhere I get stuck in line. We were stuck waiting for about 45 minutes the other day at Cheesecake Factory so I pounded out a couple of hundred words while my wife checked Facebook. I use OneNote to hold all of my outlines, characters, locations, beats, etc. so that’s always available on my iPhone. I tend two write in Word and sync the files to OneDrive. My publisher wanted everything submitted in Word for my non-fiction books so I’ve gotten very good with it.

I use Writing Journal on the iPhone to track my writing productivity and wanted to write using Word on my phone. It works great but I couldn’t find the word count feature. It was driving me nuts. So I did some searching and found the location in Word for iPad. That gave me enough clues to get digging.

It under the  Font/Setting icon (an A with a pencil), tap Home and select ReviewWord Count is under review. I’m adding this a much for me as for anyone else. That way when I forget I can find it again.