Preorder Woodbooger


Woodbooger is almost done. I’m still working for an early October release, but you can preorder the Kindle version now at If you want the paperback, you’ll have to wait for the final release. The reviews from beta readers were terrific and they had some great insights to make the book better, so don’t wait, preorder now!

Don’t go into the woods…

The woods of southwestern Virginia are Woodbooger country, home to Virginia’s legendary bigfoot creature. When a U.S. Senator is found dead near his southwestern Virginia cabin, the only clue is a large humanoid footprint left next to the body.

Homeland Security Special Agent Lizard Wong drafts local teenager Heather Gromet to help find the killer, man or creature, and remove it as a security threat.

As the body count rises, and the investigation stalls, the country sees Bigfoot as a serial killer. It’s up to Lizard and Heather to solve the senator’s murder and stop the killings.

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