10 Things Never to Put into Email

If you ever put one of these phrase in an email, delete it. Don’t send it!


10 Things Never To Put In Email




Feedburner Issues

The Feedburner website has been flaky for the past several days (this from different computers in different states so I know it’s not isolated to me). I haven’t seen any chatter about it on the web though, maybe because the feeds continue to work.

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iPhone Battery Saving Advice

Just turn it off. The battery lasts longer and you’ll be bothered less. Or you can follow these tips:


Narrative Budget

I love the idea of the Narrative Budget expressed by Bill Kennedy.

A common weakness with budgets is that they are presented as a column of numbers with the focus on the bottom line. But what if more attention were paid to the story behind the numbers? The numbers by themselves will not energize a department or motivate a team, but a story can.