Woodbooger launches October 15

My second novel, Woodbooger, officially launches Wednesday 10/15/16. That’s when the Kindle preorders will drop. Huge thank you to everyone involved. I’m really happy with this book and and I think you will be too.

You can get it on Amazon in Kindle or physical book format via this link: http://amzn.to/2dEdqhb


Don’t go into the woods…

The forests of southwestern Virginia are Woodbooger country, home to Virginia’s legendary bigfoot creature. When a U.S. senator is found dead near his cabin, the only clue is a large humanoid footprint left next to the body.

Homeland Security Special Agent Lizard Wong is tasked with finding the killer, man or beast, and removing it as a national security threat.

As the body count rises, and a parallel FBI investigation stalls, the country suddenly views Bigfoot as a serial killer. It’s up to Lizard, and her local guide Heather, to solve the senator’s murder and stop the killings.

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