5 Books NOT to Read on an Airplane

I spend a lot of time on airplanes and I read a lot of books taxiing with Delta (Doesn’t Ever Leave the Airport). As a result, I’ve compiled 5 books you do NOT want to read on an Airplane plus a couple of bonuses.

  1. The Bourne Identity – I read the opening paragraphs about Carlos the Jackal bombing planes in Europe (including Frankfurt) while sitting on a plane in Frankfurt. We were delayed because a passenger decided to get off and they had to remove his luggage to ensure that it wasn’t a bomb. Talk about a scary book.
  2. Turbulence – I never want to fly in plane where the pilot and copilot are so out of sync. This book even freaked out my wife about flying.
  3. Airframe – Michael Crichton’s take on what can go wrong at 35,000 feet.
  4. The Unthinkable – On the plane you’ll realize all the things you haven’t done that could help you survive a disaster, including listening to the flight attendant and locating the exits. Even worse you won’t be able to anything about it except maybe locate the exits.
  5. The Hot Zone – It has little to do with flying but you’ll be scared to death that the guy in row 37A has Ebola or some other hideous disease and is spreading it to you through the poorly circulating airplane ventilation system.


  • Crashers – I haven’t read this yet but it’s on my list. I suspect that it will make the next list
  • World without End – It’s not scary and it has nothing to do with planes but it weighs so much that Delta will charge you $25 bucks to  carry it on the plane.