Airline Fight Looming: Battle of the Bins

As I’ve predicted, the airlines jacking up baggage fees is going to result in fights for overhead bins inside cabins. Airlines have NOT been enforcing their own rules for some time, even the often shrill Airtran has loosened up on this.  But now, it looks likes everyone is going to tighten down.

To make this work, airlines will also need to enforce their own boarding rules. The stupid zones are useless. When Delta used to board back to front, you could book in the back to ensure that you had a place for your bag. Now Delta uses a bizarre zone boarding that often has aisle folks boarding before middle seats. I have yet to find Delta employee who understands it.

Apparently, the best benefit of being an elite frequent flier is not the points, the miles, the free trips or the upgrades. It’s going to be the early boarding!