Android and Office 365

I signed up for the Office 365 beta and with just a little work got my email account working on my Droid with the default Office 365 domain setup.

Here’s how:

  • In the core email app, click Menu | Add Account
  • enter your email address and password from Office 365

Android wasn’t able to automatically setup the account like it could with my corporate mail. I suspect this is a beta issue.

  • In Domain\User name enter your full email account like
  • Enter your password
  • In the Server enter
    • This is slightly different than the settings you see if you add the account to Outlook. It uses but that doesn’t seem to work on my droid.
  • Check Use Secure connection (SSL)
  • Hit Next
  • You will need to accept the security prompt.

That’s is. Now I’ve got my corporate Exchange based mail and my Office 365 mail going to Android. I can view a combined inbox or see them separately and the notification icon shows number emails in the number of inboxes.

3 Replies to “Android and Office 365”

  1. So what are your impressions of Office365? I’m not completely sold yet. I have a personal domain of 4 users all but 1 have an android phone. thats $24 a month vs free of google. I do get a free webhost which is nice.

    Just curious…..

  2. I’m looking at it for my wife. She’s a huge Outlook user, especially mail and calendar. Her Gmail account works fine on Android but calendar is a completely different story. I’ve tried every kludgy app available with only limited success. I’d love to move her Outlook process to Office 365 and $6 a month is worth to me to not have to keep fixing stuff when it breaks. I’m waiting for final pricing before making the move. Too many current Exchange hosters want $5-$10 a month with a minimum of 5 users. That’s not worth it to me.



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