Borders Book-O-Nomics

So we hit the local Borders bookstore closing sale today. I went through my pile of books and then did the math. Most of the books I wanted were in the $25 range. With Border’s 20% discount, the price drops to $20. Even if I held off a few weeks and waited for 40% price breaks, it falls to $15. Except that most of these books are available today in Kindle format for $10-$12.

I have no idea how Borders’s bankruptcy affects their relationship with publishers but in the normal course of business most books are returnable by stores to the publisher for a full refund. Consequently, it may only be in Border’s best interest to sell the books at a discount that isn’t more than the cost of boxing up and returning the books. Don’t expect fantastic deals at a Border’s out of business sale. Do expect a long checkout line.