Dodged a Bullet With the Q1 rebuild

l’ve been working on rebuilding my Samsung Q1. My Lenovo laptop ins working just fine so I’ve been able to take  my time with the rebuild. Then yesterday the digitizer started acting odd.  It would take two taps to pick anything, the digitizer was really sluggish and I could no longer write on the screen.  So it was troubleshooting time.

I reinstalled the HID drivers for the digitizer (thanks again to ctitanic for all his work on that some time ago). No Luck. I started uninstalling windows patches. Everything had worked fine on the plane ride home on Thursday so it had to be a recent problem. I uninstalled Friday patches with no luck.Then I remembered that I had installed Clickstream’s tracking software to allow  Microsoft to track my usage. So I uninstalled that and rebooted. I still had problems after the reboot. Grrr…

Back to patch removal. Then, aha! Clickstream did not properly uninstall. Uninstall again and Eureka! Everything works! Phew! Iwas starting to worry that I would hare to rebuild this thing again. Right now I’ve got about 50% more free disk space and I’m getting significantly better performance and I haven’t even started tuning Vista for the Q1’s wimpy processor.

Remind me again why so many people who have never tried Vista hate Vista? Heaven knows I’d be doing a ton of tuning and installing extraneous stuff if I went back to XP just to get functionality built in to Vista.

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