First Novel Notes to Self

So I’m finally happy enough with my novel to start showing it to people. I have a few notes for myself that I wanted put down here.

  • I helps a lot if you just pick a tool and stay with it. I started in OneNote, moved to Word, then to Scrivener and back to Word. Some of that was trying to reconcile how to write in on odd places and times mixing between a laptop, iPad and iPhone. The problem is that the formatting still gets lost switching between applications. When that’s line spacing over a hundred pages it really sucks.
  • Don’t format anything until you are finally done. Keep it all in text. Formatting is a productivity trap that can be worse than Twitter or Facebook.
  • Use beats. I’m not a super heavy outliner, but I’m a sucky pantser. Beats help me figure out what to write next.

Now I’m hunting for more beta readers.

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