GP Controller Series: Improving processes with Workflow

The addition of a native workflow in GP was huge. Yet a significant number of companies have been slow to adopt it. True there is some setup at both the system and the application level, but it’s worth it. I suspect apathy is still the greatest impediment, especially since Ian Grieve has a ton of articles and a small book on everything workflow related.

Workflow in GP is robust. It allows organizations to formalize a number of key accounting processes with review and approvals along the way. Email delivery and approval links make it easy to review and approve. Workflow allows companies to focus reviews appropriately and ensure that they aren’t getting missed.

So much is available via Ian website and Google that I’ll just point you there. If your organization is not using workflow in GP you are missing out.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Homepage and Area Pages Script Errors

David Musgrave has a new post up Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Homepage and Area Pages Script Errors

When you start out a post with “Recently my Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 installation started generating errors while navigating around the Homepage and Area Pages.” I get worried about why you’re still running GP 2010. David’s a developer so I’m sure it’s because he needs to code against an older version, not because he’s running a version of GP that is now a 4th grader. 

Still, that’s a scary way to start a post.

Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 New Features: Repurposing the Intelligent Edge page

Ian Grieve looks at Repurposing the new Intelligent Edge features in GP 2018 R2. There are some pretty good reasons for this and not that the feature is bad, but as protection for firms that aren’t ready. The Edge (from MS, not the U2 Guitarist) includes a trial period that companies might not be ready to activate yet. Check out Ian’s post for more. 

[Qs of the day. If  The Edge is U2’s guitarist and MS introduced the Intelligent Edge, is that a shot at U2? Is he now the “maybe not too bright Edge”? Should he sue? Should U2 write a song in response? Something like “Bing: I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”]