What does Modern Lifecycle mean for Microsoft Dynamics GP? – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

The GP October 2019 release gets a new Modernest Lifecycle license. What the heck does that mean? Read the dang link.

I feel like this type of license works better for SAAS or cloud product so we’ll see how this goes, but hit the link for details.

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Dynamics GP – Error Message Invalid length parameter passed to LEFT or SUBSTRING function in Edit Payables Check Window – The Dynamics Explorer

Dynamics Explorer works through an odd error message when editing checks.

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#DynamicsGPOctober2019FeatureoftheDay – User Workflow – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

Adding users is also in the newest workflow. Woohoo! Be sure to check out the general session at GPUG Summit. I get to show off new features.

Welcome to the first Feature of the Day post for the Dynamics GP October 2019 release. We will start with the Workflow functionality that is added in this release…
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#DynamicsGPOctober2019FeatureoftheDay – User Security Workflow – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

Thank God. The GP team finally added User Security to Workflow in the newest version. Also, don’t miss the GP general session at GPUG Summit 2019. I’ll be showing off new features.

Welcome to the second workflow added to the Dynamics GP October 2019 release. This workflow is User Security Approval.
In User Security, you can make changes…
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Troubleshooting SOP Invoices that are in both Work and History – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

From the GP teams comes help with troubleshooting SOP invoices in Work and History.

1) Error “This document has been removed from history”
2) Sop Invoice will not allow you to void it
3) Invoice will not post; invoice batch keeps going to batch recovery

What shoul…
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#DynamicsGPOctober2019FeatureoftheDay – Export or Import Workflow – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

New from the GP team, export and import workflows.

Have you setup a workflow in one company and want to create it in another company? A new workflow feature in Dynamics GP is the ability to Export or Import…
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New Security Roles and Tasks missing after upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP and Year-End Update (18.2.1007 or later) – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

From the MS team, new security roles and tasks are missing after an upgrade. This is normal. There’s a script to add them in.

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Dynamics GP – Error Message PERIOD_KEY_INVALID when submitting VAT Return to HMRC – The Dynamics Explorer

Oh the fun of VAT. Dynamics Explorer digs into a VAT issue.

I had a client report this issue recently which was preventing them submitting the VAT return to HMRC via the government gateway. The exact error is below After some digging it seems the period key is passed down from HMRC when the obligations are retrieved therefore its strange that the error is produced when submitting…
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