Originating fields in SmartList – JenKuntz.ca

Jen Kuntz explains Originating fields in SmartList at jenkuntz.ca/2019/04/originating-fields-in-smartlist/

Hint: If you’re using Smartlists much, they matter.


First Person: Andy Fastow and Me – CFO

Enron’s former CFO and convicted felon Andrew Fastow talks with the CFO writer who first chronicled his “groundbreaking” manipulation of accounting rules.

Bethany McLean, co-author (with Peter Elkind) of the book, “The Smartest Guys in the Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron,” has stated on more than one occasion that what Fastow perpetrated was “legal fraud,” an oxymoron suggesting that a CFO can follow the rules and exploit them to such an extent that the end result is fraud.


If your job has anything to do with accounting, in fact, if you’ve ever met an accountant, you should read this article. It’s available at www.cfo.com/risk-compliance/2019/04/first-person-andy-fastow-and-me/

Steve Endow – The Blog: I’m a huge fan of detailed application logs

Steve Endow is a huge fan of detailed application logs. You can read more here: blog.steveendow.com/2019/04/im-huge-fan-of-detailed-application-logs.html

I’m less of a fan. Too often logs are only useful for cleaning up the mess afterward. The more detailed the logs, the harder it can be to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. I want something more proactive than logs and no, alerts aren’t the answer either.

Resetting the Management Reporter data mart – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

The GP team covers Resetting the Management Reporter data mart at community.dynamics.com/gp/b/dynamicsgp/archive/2019/04/11/resetting-the-management-reporter-data-mart