Hilton’s Top Chef Marketing Fail

For whatever reason I’ve gotten into Bravo’s Top Chef D.C. this season. Hilton is a huge sponsor. The competition has been held in the Hilton Washington D.C. and Hilton Singapore. The marketing includes hotel key cards when you check and in room promos. They just missed one thing…

In most cases, you can’t actually watch the show in Hilton hotel because they don’t have Bravo…FAIL!

The pay per view section in some hotels offers a few free episodes but you can’t watch the current episode in real time or near real time. I’ve been in a number of Hilton hotels when the show airs on Wednesday and I’ve always had to wait until I get home and watch the DVR version. (The family is monopolizing the DVR that has the Slingbox attached so I can’t stream it. It’s a long story.)

Talk about a lost opportunity.

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