I’m Missing the Point of Avis First

To  the good folks at Avis, I’ve rented a car from you now almost every week since the beginning of 2008. Most of my experience has been good, so I’m not concerned about the dirty car with a 3/4 full gas tank this week. Perhaps the holiday has everyone off a little.

I’m part of your elite “Avis First” program based on the number of rentals this year. While I like feeling elite, I’m not sure of the point of Avis First. The free weekend rentals are nice, but frankly, after driving rental cars all week, I want to drive my car on the weekends.

I like the specialty website, but when I need a reservation, it simply points me back to the main site. The dedicated phone number was cool until I called to complain about this week’s car and I was redirected to the main customer service line.  It was really fun to find out that the main customer service line was jammed. Hint: It makes us feel elite when we get to jump lines.

On a positive note, getting the emailed rental receipt for a completed rental while I’m still on the Avis bus to the terminal is way cool.

My point, is that I’m not sure that I get the point of Avis First. I felt special until I actually tried to use some of the features.

Finally, I appreciate that you try harder but what I really want is for you to succeed regularly. I really don’t care whether you have to try hard to make that happen or not.

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