It’s the phone dummy

This one is a reminder for me. I’m the dummy from the title. It’s a variance of reboot your computer occasionally.

When everything is working fine and then stuff just stops working try restarting the core. More and more, that for is the phone, not the PC.

One example, occasionally my wife’s Car Play acts up in her car. The answer is always restart the phone. Everything in Apple’s Car play flows through the phone.

Today it was the Apple Watch. I’ve got an older one that I use to login to my Mac. Today, no login. I tried all the recommended tricks and was close to re-pairing my watch. Re-pairing a watch is not a simple task so I put it off. Then it hit me…at least try restarting the phone. That worked. Of course, getting to that point wasted the better part of an hour, but fixed is still better than broken.

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