As I read and hear about layoffs I think about three things. First is Tom Peters seminal Brand You article in Fast Company from ten years ago. Tom’s article is part of what led me to start my Dynamics GP blog. Good ERP consultants are rarely jobless but now I’ve got a much higher national profile in the event of a severe down turn.

Secondly I think about all the great career advice I’ve gotten from Manager Tools. Everything from quarterly resume’ updates to environmental scanning for layoffs to interviewing advices. They’ve never steered me wrong on any significant items.

Finally there was some advice my dad gave me a lot of years ago. I was working as an accountant for an engineer and he said “Remember, engineering firms value engineers, not accountants.” Well now I’m an ERP consultant at an ERP consulting firm. We’re last in line to get laid off and first in line to get picked up by someone else. Thanks for the advice Dad!