Lessons from the edit

I’m working on the first edit of my first novel. It’s different from the edits on my non-fiction books. The non-fiction books tend to be pretty tight on the first pass. The edits are really just clean up. The first pass on the novel is sloppy mess, but I’ve learned a lot.

When I started writing, I took people’s advice and wrote a bunch of short stories. I was pretty happy with them, but I think it’s affecting my longer form writing. My first pass on the novel was shorter than I wanted, and I think it’s because I was warming up on short stuff.

I was also worried that once I finished the first pass that I would lose interest. After all, I would be done telling the story. What I’ve found is that I really like the first pass edit. Reworking the story to make it what I really want is a lot of fun. It makes we want to get through the first pass faster next time.




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