Eero, Hue, and the weirdest solution

Ever have those days when everything you touch breaks? Yeah me too.

A few days back my internet broke. After a lot of frantic troubleshooting (I had a work call in 90 minutes), I determined that my cable modem was fine, but my Google WiFi setup had died. The main node simply wouldn’t see the cable modem. I tried switching nodes and even a complete factory reset. No luck.

I replaced it with an Eero system now that the price has come down. I’d heard good things and Google WiFi had some bugs that Google never bothered to fix.

Parts of the switch went smoothly. Others were very rough. My Hue bridge for my smart lights just refused to connect to the internet. I tried everything including a hard reset with no luck. Finally, I saw a thread suggesting if there are multiple networks, see if the Hue bridge is connected to the wrong network. Eureka!

I turned off my guest network (disrupting the Roku TV my wife was watching, sorry hon) and reconnected. Sure enough, it found the internet and was good to go. It took some work to put back the pieces, but the bridge definitely connected. After that, I reenabled the guest network and everything still seemed to work.

If your Hue can’t see the internet and you have multiple networks, this is worth a try. It’s definitely worth trying before hard resetting the Hue.

2 Replies to “Eero, Hue, and the weirdest solution”

  1. Hey Mark,
    Did you ever figured out why the Google Nest stopped workin ? For me it was the mobile that just couldn’t connect anymore to the Wi-Fi setup.. One of the biggest complain I have with Google Wi-Fi is the total lack of frequency management (2.4 & 5Ghz)… which makes it impossible for some IoT devices to connect at all…

  2. Hey Beat, I never figured out what went wrong. It worked for years and then just up and died. I checked everything, swapped everything, nothing. What I didn’t like about Google WiFi was that it often misrepresented what was on the guest network vs the main network. I tend to keep as much IOT as I can on the guest network. This was a known bug that they never fixed.

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