My Air Travel Tips

  • MT. Dew and Diet MT. Dew ARE available in the Atlanta airport. It’ s not exclusively Coke products.  “The Grove” has them for sure near Gates A12 and T6. Ben and Jerry’s has it near B12. I haven’t yet found it in the E concourse because food there is scarce except for the central food court. I don’t fly through C or D concourse enough to know. If  you know where I can get Diet MT. Dew on the C or D sides let me know.
  • Screamo is the appropriate music  genre for air travel, not that easy listening/hippie mush that Delta pumps through the cabin. Screamo lets you get your travel frustration out vicariously.  I recommend Underoath. Just don’t sing along. Air Marshall’s are not amused.
  • Get a 3 way, right angle electrical adapter at Home Depot. They’re like 5 bucks. Each plug is offset so they’ll take 3 monstrous power bricks. This is important because Hampton Inn hides the outlets and other passengers are willing to share an airport outlet if you bring you’re own adapter. Just make sure you ask first. If you forget it, it’s 5 bucks at Home Depot. Maybe less at Wal-Mart.
  • Pee before you fly. Don’t be one of those seat belt sign flaunters running to the lavatory. Enough said.
  • TSA seems to be getting it right with laptop bags. If you keep your laptop in a sleeve inside of a larger bag, you don’t necessarily have to remove it from the sleeve when going through security. This has been a big help for me.
  • In general, exit rows have better leg room and worse tray tables. If your need to work, an exit row is not always better.
  • First class passengers are animals when it comes to overhead bins. It’s like a feeding frenzy. If you are in first class and the bins are full, don’t panic, ask the flight attendant and they’ll find a magic spot for your bags. This doesn’t work as well in coach. You have to be really, really, really nice.
  • Ditch your wired headphones and get a nice bluetooth headset setup like the Motorola Rokr S9. 

That’s all for now. I’m off to take my own advice and follow point 4.

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