My Most Used Android Apps

I’m late to the party. Dwight Silverman posted his most used Smartphone apps. James Kendrick followed up with his 5 most used Android Apps. I thought that I would join in with my most used android apps, excluding the built in apps. This is just apps, I’ll tackle widgets separately. I use most of these every day. A few are more every other day but are just so incredible (like DroidAnalytics) that I couldn’t leave them out.

  1. Touchdown – Simply the best Exchange app I’ve seen on any platform including Windows Mobile. The app includes To Do lists, the ability to set categories and email signatures. It’s worth every penny, even at $19.99
    \Screenshot of Exchange by TouchDown Key
  2. Kindle –  To avoid having multiple book reading apps I’ve decided to standardize on the Kindle and I’ve not looked back. I’m working on reading 100 books this year. I’m up to 82 so far it wouldn’t be possible without the Kindle app. Free
    Screenshot of Kindle for Android
  3. Newsrob – The free versions of Newsrob is still my favorite RSS reader. I’ve tried them all and keep coming back to Newsrob. Free or $5.00
    Screenshot of NewsRob (Google Reader / RSS)
  4. Hootsuite/Twitter – Yeah, I know that these are two apps but Hootesuite is my favorite for managing multiple Twitter accounts. The Twitter app however allows adding location to posting so I use the both. Free/$2.99/Free
    Screenshot of HootSuite  Screenshot of Twitter

  5. TripIt – I’m on the road every week and TripIt gets a ton use. Free
    Screenshot of TripIt - Travel Organizer
  6. Blogaway – If you use blogger this is a must have app. The feature set is amazing. I use it regularly to pop out a blog post before the plane leaves. Free

  7. Droid Analytics – I like to keep an eye on my blog stats. This is soooo much easier with Droid Analytics. Droid Analytics gives incredible access to Google Analytics while on the go. Free/$1.25
    Screenshot of HootSuite

  8. Calorie Counter – Some of us need to lose a little weight. Calorie Counter from Fat Secret lets you track what you eat and weigh and it syncs with the Fat Secret website making it easy to make updates online or while mobile. I’ve lost more than 20 lbs in 3 months and I’m still losing. Free
    Screenshot of Calorie Counter by FatSecret

  9. Abduction – Now that I’ve worn out Angry Birds I’m back playing some Abduction. Help the cows join their little cow buddies abducted by aliens. Fast and still addictive. Free
    Screenshot of Abduction!
  10. Paper Toss – There is a sense of déjà vu you get when sitting in an airport waiting for a flight playing paper toss in the airport location. It’s like those picture in a picture in a picture shots. There are still times when I just need to turn off the brain shoot some wastebasket hoops. Free
    Screenshot of Paper Toss