Yes, that last post was sent from my car while in traffic on I-4 in Orlando. I recently got an Audiovox SMT5600, replacing both my Motorola 550 (the bluetooth never did work right) and my iPAQ rx3115 (I’m just tired of scratches). I haven’t regreted the change one bit. This smartphone is fantastic! I’ve got a 1 gig mini-sd for local music and movies and I’ve added a cell tracker so you can follow me around ๐Ÿ˜‰

With Orb I now have a choice to stream movies/music or carry them around on the mini-sd. I’ve also got:

Bloglines mobile for blog reading
Email for posting to Blogger
Audible for audio books
Quicken Web Entry for ATM transactions
Windows media (+blue tunes) via wired or bluetooth headset for movies/music
eWallet for encrypted password protection
Outlook contacts/tasks
Office email (since we use win2k3 and exchange 2k3)
gmail and Earthlink mail via pop
RJV sound record to record to the mini-sd

All I’m missing is some way to paste pre-set text into any app. Give me that an I’m thrilled.

Orb works!

After really liking ORB for streaming data, I kept running into a conflict between DotNetNuke and Orb. The conflict was really IIS’ fault. If I was streaming Orb data, my personal website wouldn’t run. Well, I downloaded the latest version today and it works beautifully! I was even able to view a streamed movie while updating the website! Very cool!

Test Post

I’m again, perhaps against my better judgement, moving the blog from Bloglines to Blogger. Bloglines is a great aggregator but their blog functionality is minimal and it hasn’t changed much since launch. So the blog engine will be back to blogger. I like the ability to post by email, maybe I’ll post more! The feed will stay the same at, thanks to Feedburner. Perhaps I can inject some new life into the blog and the website.