Musings – There is nothing fun about layoffs

Some very talented friends were recently laid off. I’m confident that most of them will be employed pretty quickly. As a group, they have strong networks, and are well liked, but the world they’ve lived in has been changing slowly. Most of them recognized that long term changes were going to negatively affect them, but “long term” implies time to decide. COVID accelerated and exacerbated the situation, resulting in sudden and drastic change. My friends are going to have to adapt and adapt quickly, and they are not alone.

Musings – It’s time to let go of the COVID guilt

I’ve decided to start a regular, or irregular, column with my current musings. These musings are as much for me as for anyone else. Expect random streams of consciousness and don’t assume that my position is fixed on any opinions expressed.

Today’s musing, it’s time to let go of the COVID guilt. Times are hard for a lot of people, but not for everyone. Despite the challenges, people still work, marry, and have children. Life goes on, even if it’s a little weird. Some people will have used this time to do something good, lose some weight, tackle that novel, remodel a bathroom, whatever. It’s can be tough to feel good about accomplishments when others are hurting and when so much around us seems out of whack.

Let it go. Don’t feel bad for doing something good.

On the other side, if you’ve put on a COVID 15, binge-watched your way through Tiger King for the 7th time, and not bothered to clean your bathroom, it’s still okay. Everyone is dealing with the oddities of 2020 differently. Let go of the guilt and move on.

Why We Need Bigfoot, Even if it isn’t Real + Free Woodbooger on Kindle

Writing in Adventure Journal, Laura Kranz explains why Why We Need Bigfoot, Even if it isn’t Real.It’s a nice read and great exploration of the importance of bigfoot on our collective psyche. Of course, what happens if bigfoot IS real? I mean, if you can’t believe MSN who can you believe?

Yeti’ footprints sighted claims Indian Army tweet

Bigfoot obviously loves to be free so I’m setting Woodbooger free to roam on Kindle for five days starting on Friday, May 3, 2019, through Tuesday, May 7.

Woodbooger: A Supernatural Thriller (Lizard Wong Book 2) by [Polino,Mark]

Updated Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Security & Audit Field Manual

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve updated the Security and Audit Field Manual for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. D365FO is changing rapidly and it was great to be able to incorporate the changes in this update. The new book is available from Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback formats.


Language and Toilets

I’m in Scotland for work and as I was riding to my hotel from the airport, there was a smattering of signs reading TO LET. In some cases there were 2 signs in two windows with the window frame acting as a separator like this TO|LET.

This isn’t particularly special. In the US it’s the equivalent of FOR RENT or SPACE AVAILABLE…except that my American brain kept translating it to TOILET. To the point that I idly wondered why the Scots need so many toilets. I knew that the signs read TO LET, but in the US, that group of letters is more likely to lead to a toilet than to an apartment for rent. My brain kept filling in the missing letter I with each sign we passed.

There’s no real lesson here except to be careful when filling in the blanks automatically. Because if you really need a toilet, that missing letter is important.