Sometimes God Wants My Attention

Last week had a rough ending. To review:

  • I lost my ATM card while I was out of town on business
  • I got stuck in a client’s parking garage because:
    I lost my ATM card earlier
    I didn’t have cash
    They didn’t take American Express
    The employee who validated parking was gone for the day
    (A guard had pity on me and let me out)
  • Avis gave me grief even though the needle clearly said full
  • Delta managed to lose both my upgrade and my exit row seat meaning that I had to sit in the back corner of a 757

Now that you’re caught up, the only thing I could do in my cramped little corner of Delta’s finest is to read a book. I really needed to work but I’m not a contortionist, so that wasn’t happening. With nothing else to do I pulled out my book, Joel Osteen’s latest, It’s Your Time and started reading.

An hour and a half later I was done with the book and I was inspired. The rough ending to the week no longer mattered. It’s You Time pushed me to look farther and deeper and ensure that I had not limited God and what he could do in my life.
I would have read the book either way, it was up next in the rotation, but the circumstances of the day forced me to pay attention and open me up to the book’s message.

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