Delta Putting WiFi on Planes

The announcement is out today that Delta is fitting it’s entire fleet with WiFi for domestic routes over the next year. I’m not sure I’m willing to shell out $10 for the short Orlando to ATL flight and not clear how they are handling multi-leg flights. Aside from all the obvious implications for air travel, what does this do to the mobile PC market? I can’t open my monster IBM in coach seat and I regularly see people struggling to deal with their PC’s. Will we see more mini-notebooks or the proliferation of MIDS to take advantage of this? And with WiFi sucking more battery power on planes will notebook manufacturers have to address short battery life?

Apple’s IE Backlash

Digitalmediaphile is reporting that Apple’s MobileMe service won’t run with IE7. Perhaps that’s why Apple has been using it’s Apple Uploader as a trojan to put Safari on people’s machines. It gives Apple a 1-2 punch at MS.

Firefox Crashing, It’s not Just Me

Kevin Tofel has the same problem on his much cooler Q1UP. Funny thing is, mine doesn’t seem to be limited to the Tablet PC.

Firefox Crash and Burn

I first installed Firefox 3.0 on launch day and within a day or two had it running on all my machines.  I’ve been pretty happy with it and all my add-ons seem to work fine. It’s just that well, Firefox 3.0 crashes. A lot.  On all of my PC’s. Everything from a Celeron based UMPC to a dual core Thinkpad to an AMD64 based Gateway.

Don’t get me wrong, it recovers elegantly from a crash (most of the time) but if this were IE, there would be a lot of screaming, press coverage and hand wringing.

Just to give you an idea, I’ve had 2 crashes this morning on my UMPC. On my much more powerful Media Center PC , Firefox crashed yesterday and showed the most bizarre behavior afterwards. It refused to acknowledge my home page and kept bringing up a blank start page. It turns out that Firefox didn’t really close but that there was an open session in the background. Killing that fixed the problem but it sure wasn’t an obvious fix given what was going on.

So now I’m stuck with the old  Microsoft dilemma in Firefox. Is it the browser or the add-ons that are causing the problem? The more things change…