Almost Invisible Earbud for the Shuffle

Convertible Notebooks is the Perfect Traveling Companion

As much as I love my UMPC, I agree with James Kendrick, a convertible notebook is the perfect traveling companion.

Testing Blogger Feed to Twitter with TwitterFeed

I’m testing sending blog entries to twitter via TwitterFeed. I don’t have enough time to keep splitting brilliant thoughts between the two.

TSA Laptop Bag Process is Better

A couple weeks ago, after TSA’s approval of bags that didn’t have anything between the bag and the laptop, I tried sending my UMPC through the belt in it’s case with nothing else. TSA asked me to remove it from the case. This week, I left it in the case again and it went through without a problem. Maybe they are paying attention. Then again, maybe they aren’t paying attention!

I won’t know for sure until I try this a few more times. I have to say that not having to remove the UMPC from it’s bag is a huge help in getting through security so I hope this trend continues.

IE/Firefox Drag and Drop Favorites/Bookmarks

I was fiddling with my Favorites in IE 8 and managed to wipe my Mobile Favorites. oops. But I had the same list in Firefox as a backup. I was wrestling with how to export only the Mobile Favorites from Firefox when I had and idea. I opened the Mobile Favorites folder under Favorites in Explorer and dragged and dropped bookmarks from Firefox. The worked perfectly. I only had about 25 to do so even doing it one at a time worked pretty well. I didn’t know that you could do this.