Delta Putting WiFi on Planes

The announcement is out today that Delta is fitting it’s entire fleet with WiFi for domestic routes over the next year. I’m not sure I’m willing to shell out $10 for the short Orlando to ATL flight and not clear how they are handling multi-leg flights. Aside from all the obvious implications for air travel, what does this do to the mobile PC market? I can’t open my monster IBM in coach seat and I regularly see people struggling to deal with their PC’s. Will we see more mini-notebooks or the proliferation of MIDS to take advantage of this? And with WiFi sucking more battery power on planes will notebook manufacturers have to address short battery life?

Conspiracy Theories on the Airlines 2nd Bag Fee

Is Delta’s new $50 second bag fee:

1) A way to raise revenue?
2) A way to discourage second bags leading to more cargo sales?
3) A to improve lost luggage stats by moving less luggage?

Theories about check them out at AIRLINE BIZ Blog | The Dallas Morning News

Southwest Shows How to Run an Airline

Southwest proves once again that they really know how to run an airline.

Of course, not going through repeated bankruptcies because your fleet and labor costs are too high leads to good credit which lets you hedge fuel costs and make money when everyone else is bleeding. Sounds like a pretty sensible strategy. So how come Southwest is the only airline able to execute on it?

Delta Recommends Bundle Wrapping Too

The folks at Delta are pushing packing light, no surprise there. But in their latest blog entry, they give bundle wrapping a nod over folding. I’ve been bundle wrapping since I started traveling again in January and it’s got some nice pluses and some downsides. Right now, the good outweighs the bad for me.

On the plus side:

  • It does seem to reduce wrinkles in clothes
  • It does seem to make it easier to fit more clothes into a small bag
  • It makes it easier to count and make sure that you have enough clothes


  • If you travel to multiple locations in one trip, it’s a pain. For 3 city/5 day trip you’ll be tired of re-wrapping fast
  • If you accidentally wrap your liquids in the core. TSA will make you regret it.
  • If TSA decides to check something in your core, you’ll regret it.
  • You have to think before you pack. If you want that pair of jeans or tennis shoes for the flight home after the business meeting, don’t bundle wrap them. bundle wrap everything else and throw them in last.

All in all, I’m pro-bundle wrapping, just pay attention when you do.

Hampton Inn – Pick Your Room

At Hampton Inn, if you have silver or better status you can actually pick your room via the web prior to check in. Not a bad idea but the implementation still has problems (say it with me, it’s all about execution!).

Picking your room works fine but the hotels don’t have a map on the web of the room locations. So if I want a room away from from the elevator and ice maker noise, I have no idea if the room I pick fits that criteria or not. All you get is a room number. You can make a guess about which floor it’s on based on the room number but that’s about it.

It’s a good start Hampton Inn but it’s needs a little work.

Also, my one big complaint, why is desk at Hampton Inn always facing away from the TV? They generally face the TV at Courtyards.