Kenya Photos on Facebook

The kids are posting some Kenya photos live on Facebook. Here are some of Micah’s:

Everone and Their Luggage Made it to Africa

It looks like everyone and their luggage made it to Africa and they are ready to go.

Kids Mission Trp

The kids are off to Kenya on a mission tip! After little NASCAR style fun when we realized that we forgot Micah’s passport at home everyone made it. The team has put their first video. After a long flight to London they have another long flight to Kenya.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this possible. If you can’t see video below it’s also available at

Shipping the Kids off to Africa

For those of you who haven’t heard, our kids, Micah and Angelina are going off to Africa on a Mission Trip with World Hope. They’ll be helping World Hope’s existing presence in the slums of Kenya. We think that this is a tremendous opportunity for God to do something both through them and to them. We would like to thank everyone who has already donated,

For those of you who have not given yet but would like to support them in this endeavor, please use the Donate button below to give securely. Include your name and contact information and we will ensure that you get a donation receipt back. Thank you again to everone who has helped. They are getting close to having all the money raised. Please help put them over the top.

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