New Writing Project(s)

I’ve got a new writing project to announce. After playing around with short form fiction for Dynamics GP I’ve decided to write some longer fiction. I had an idea for a novel that my daughter loved. She’s reads almost as much as I do and has become a good sounding board for ideas. Since this is my first foray into longer fiction it may end up as a novella (~40k words) or I may go all the way to novel length (~80k words).

We’ll see where the story takes me. I’m about 10k words in and it’s a lot more work than short stories but I’m still having fun. I haven’t decided on the indie versus traditional publisher route yet. We’ll see what the finished product looks like and how a big a hurry I’m in to get it out. First novels are usually pretty rough. I’ll have more as it progresses.
On another note, I’m working with Packt to try to pin down a new Dynamics GP book. We generally agree on the ideas but we’re struggling with timing versus release dates. If I hurry, I can get a GP 2013 based book out by Convergence 2013 in March but if I want to include Excel 2012 examples instead of Excel 2010, Excel’s release date will preclude having the book at Convergence.

So the debate is big sales splash on release but possibly shorter shelf life versus a launch at a smaller event (like the GPUG Summit) but a longer potential shelf life. We’re still debating.

The Shiver

The Shiver:
It goes by many names. The Tingle. The Aha. The Wow.
I call it The Shiver.
It’s that moment when you know you’ve written something good; something worthy of sharing. The words themselves aren’t anything special. They’re common words, words you’ve used before.
But this time it’s different. The words…they…you have no words to describe it. They. Just. Work.

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