The Unthinkable

I had a nice cushy first class seat on Delta. I could have slept comfortably for at least one leg of the trip home. But nol, Tom Peters had to go an recommend the book “The Unthinkable, Who Survives When Disaster Strikes and Why” by Amanda Ripley. I foolishly started reading it while folks boarded.

I started reading about how people respond to disasters during two plane flights, after a tropical storm had recently flooded areas near home and with not one, but three hurricanes in the Atlantic potentially headed toward my Orlando home.

I wasn’t scared by the book, I was fascinated. I couldn’t put it down. It ruined all changes of sleeping on the flight home. It will probably trash my productivity tomorrow and into the weekend.

The Bible describes people as sheep and disasters prove that we behave just like them. If you want and interesting glimpse into the human psyche, read The Unthinkable.

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