The Vista Experience

A couple days ago my wife and I were commenting about how much we really hate going back to XP when we have to use someone else’s machine. Both of us are complete Vista converts. Same goes for Office 2007. My poor kids got laptops for Christmas with Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 Ultimate on the machines. When they go back to school they have to use Windows 2000 and who know how old a version of Office. That reminds me, they need to save school docs in the older versions of Office formats.

I’ve been playing with Window Server 2008 on a machine and I’ve heard people call it the best desktop OS ever. I’m liking it but given it’s server OS design, it’s really a pain to setup the first time. Simply getting a wireless card up and running involves making sure that services are turned on. Not real friendly for the average user. I’m sticking with Vista for my main machines but I’m having fun with Server 2008.

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