To Fed Ex: Your Welcome

I had a meeting with a client’s Fed Ex rep this week. We were discussing integrating Fed Ex and Dynamics GP. Fed Ex had some pre-built code and we’ll modify it some to fit what we want.

While chatting, we got on the subject of air travel and I mentioned that Fed Ex could make another fortune if they had drop boxes near the security lines at airports. When you look at all the confiscated/discarded items due to security regulations it’s not hard to imagine that a few of those folks would prefer to Fed Ex items home or to their destination instead of tossing them.

The Fed Ex rep’s eyes lit up and the wheel’s started turning. They already have rights in many airports it just a matter of getting permission for placement. A credit card option wouldn’t be bad either.

So Fed Ex, when you make another mint, you’re welcome.

2 Replies to “To Fed Ex: Your Welcome”

  1. I don’t know if this is unusual, but at London City Airport in the UK they have a vending machine by the security checkpoint that sells pre-paid Jiffy bags. If you accidentally try to take something prohibited through (which these days could include Killer Cotton Wool) they give you a choice of binning it or paying for a bag to ship it home.

    You can choose between different sizes and weight allowances, and there’s a post box right next to the vending machine.

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