Visual Cues in Writing or My Gunsmith is Writing a Zombie Novel

I saw Larry Correia’s post “My gunsmith is writing a zombie novel“.  That’s all it took and I was off to to follow the progression of the story.

Joseph Chetwood is writing much of Uprising Crusader online. The story is serialized on the blog but it feels like you’re reading a working draft. I’m assuming that there will be an edit round when he’s done but the story itself is intriguing. The gunsmith angle brings a nice dose of realism.

More intriguing is that in every installment he has a single image that is representative of that section. I have no idea if this will make it into the final draft. As a reader, I almost hope it doesn’t. The images distract from my imagination. BUT AS A WRITER, IT WORKS. I tend to a be visual person and I love the idea of using an image of what I’m trying to convey in a particular section to help move my writing forward. I’m tempted to try that with the fiction piece I’m working on.

Photo Credit: Some rights reserved by sbpoet