Where is Word Count in MS Word for iPhone?

If you’re in a hurry, Hit the Font/Setting icon (an A with a pencil), tap Home and select Review. Word Count is under review.


I’ve hit the point with Lizard Wong book 2 that I want more writing time. One way to get that is to be able to write on the go. In this mode I tend to write anywhere I get stuck in line. We were stuck waiting for about 45 minutes the other day at Cheesecake Factory so I pounded out a couple of hundred words while my wife checked Facebook. I use OneNote to hold all of my outlines, characters, locations, beats, etc. so that’s always available on my iPhone. I tend two write in Word and sync the files to OneDrive. My publisher wanted everything submitted in Word for my non-fiction books so I’ve gotten very good with it.

I use Writing Journal on the iPhone to track my writing productivity and wanted to write using Word on my phone. It works great but I couldn’t find the word count feature. It was driving me nuts. So I did some searching and found the location in Word for iPad. That gave me enough clues to get digging.

It under the  Font/Setting icon (an A with a pencil), tap Home and select ReviewWord Count is under review. I’m adding this a much for me as for anyone else. That way when I forget I can find it again.