Writing Update

Just a quick writing update:

I’m actively working to update the NetSuite Security and Audit Field Manual for version 2017.1. The update should be done next week and the book available sometime in June with reviews, layout, and republishing the new version.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Security and Audit Field Manual initial manuscript is about half done and running on schedule to be available for the GPUG Summit in October.

The Security and Audit Field Manual for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Enterprise Edition initial manuscript is also about half done, but it’s taking longer than the GP version, primarily because of less documentation and active changes in D365. (Little things like renaming the whole product to the longest name possible because the old name apparently wasn’t long enough. As someone recently pointed out, the acronym D365FFOEE is actually longer than the original product name Axapta. I swear Microsoft marketing would name a car “Microsoft Gasoline Propulsion Vehicle for the Conveyance of People and Cargo.” ) The book is still on track to be done in time for the AXUG Summit in October, fingers crossed.

I’m working to figure out the plot for the next Lizard Wong novel. Two or three options are in the works, but no decisions yet.

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